Anti-Capitalist First of May demonstration in The Hague

5718758090_97207ac3b9_zMay 1st is the day when people all over the world take action against oppression, discrimination, and exploitation by politicians, bosses and other power hungry people. In The Hague, we too shall take to the streets in support of a different, free society based on solidarity.

Throughout the whole world, people suffer daily under the capitalist system. While a small group of big corporations and politicians claim more and more money for themselves, an ever increasing part of the population has seen its standard of living threatened. The number of jobs has decreased, but the people who lose their jobs get forced to work for a much lower wage, namely for their welfare benefits. Even students who cannot find a job after graduating will end up in the same situation; students who because of privatization have had to deal deal with worsening accessibility and quality in their studies.

In the poorest neighborhoods in the Hague, the municipality sucks all of the money out of social projects and community centers in order to invest it in more police and control. In these neighborhoods, police violence against people from “non-Dutch background” gets shrugged off as mere incidents or lies by the mayor and the municipality. Enough is enough, our patience is gone. It is time to organize, resist, and take our fate in our own hands.

We are calling on everyone to come together with us on May 1st to resist against the chokehold of capitalist society and to take to the streets in support of a society based on self-organization and solidarity; in solidarity with everyone who works and is exploited, regardless of whether or not they possess the “correct” residence permit, in solidarity with the cleaners, who have been taking action for years for better working conditions, and in solidarity with the students, who occupy their university in order to create and defend their own course of study. Solidarity with everyone who struggles against exploitation and oppression, with and for each other, for a radical
new society!

May Day, Free Day!

Worldwide social security
Open borders for all people
Stop repression and the police state
Stop racism
Stop privatization, and the destruction of the social safety net

Freedom and welfare for everyone!

Location: Hobbemaplein, Den Haag
Time: 19:00


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